Valis Keogh (valiskeogh) wrote,
Valis Keogh

one of the best vids

just realizing that the traditional way of describing a wave like this is woefully inadequate. i mean the way the description usually stops at the wave "height". you say, the wave was 15 feet high! people can think... hrm... 15... not too bad... i've seen waves that high... would better be described as a wave 15 feet high AND 2 MILES LONG. a wave 6, 10, 15 feet high, isn't too bad if it's... 15-20 feet long, or wide. make it 2 miles wide and totally different story... my xyrem arrived this morning so for the next 48 hours all is right in the world. ... well at least my world. the beauty of pharaceuticals is in the way they can help you to forget, if only temporarily.
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