Valis Keogh (valiskeogh) wrote,
Valis Keogh

sitting in hotel in brentwood...

hilton suites... i have two flatscreens... couch... cool coffee maker... fridge... seperate bedroom... coffee table... i'm wondering... do i REALLY have to go home? the best western in lawrenceburg tn is going to just feel kinda icky after this one...

btw, lj will cross post to fb, in case you didn't know.

Oh yeah, Is there anyone near the Los Alamos area who would like a drink on valis? Next month i'll be there for just about the entire month, currently going to be staying at the... what is it... the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino. so if you're near santa fe... los alamos... Albuquerque, let me know!!
mmmmm... that feels good... Valis.... f'ing facebook and it's real name crap...
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