Valis Keogh (valiskeogh) wrote,
Valis Keogh

FREE BEER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got your attention?

are you in huntsville?
are you a strapping young lad?
do you like beer?

if you are and if you do, i may need you on saturday!

yeah, saturday is the big moving day, there really isn't all that much stuff, entertainment center, bed, couple of couches, couple of small desks, and of course the big freakin fish tank.
i have access to a pickup but problem is that i realized, or found out, today that my sister's fiance is working all day on saturday and that my dad is completely useless as far as moving is concerned (bad back, yadda yadda) so i'm suddenly faced with the rather disheartening prospect of doing everything by myself. not a fun prospect. so i need 3-4 guys for the fish tank. and maybe some "just friends" spooning afterwards.


drop me a comment yo.

(and if you're a hot babe and have nothing better to do, tell me so that i can say that i'll have 'hot babes and beer!")
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